CIRRUSinsite™ Helping our clients to easily access and get the most from their survey data for better outcomes, growth and productivity.

Key Benefits:


  • Reduced Data Wait Time –  The platform reduces times both in terms of delivery and loading time.
  • Data Capture Agnostic – The platform houses all survey data, both in 2D and 3D formats, for your whole project.
  • Lower Resource Cost – Costly specialist software is not needed. Data with a single source of truth is available at all levels within the organisation, saving money and time.
  • TickIT plus, ISO27001-  The platform and the data stored within is cyber secure.

Why Choose CIRRUSinsite™

CIRRUSinsite™ is a web-based digital twin survey platform where large data sets such as point clouds and video are hosted, with straightforward access for the entire project team to access. In the era of mass data, from point clouds to high resolution inspection imagery, our platforms capabilities enable you to efficiently access and view large datasets, all from the convenience of your web browser.

We’ve worked across a wide range of engineering sectors for over 100 years. That means we begin working with our clients from a position of both understanding the unique characteristics of their sector and being able rapidly to grasp their goals and aspirations.

We identified an industry-wide desire for a secure data management platform, that was built by engineers for engineers to store large quantities of data. This platform goes beyond a storage facility, its features supports true collaboration within your business and between businesses – offering insights for better outcomes, growth and productivity.


Using the platform, you can view the data completely in-browser, offering an intuitive interface un-reliant on any installed software. Users can perform simple analysis operations such as measurements in 2D and 3D, cut and fill analytics to determine approximate extraction and infilling volumes for proposed linear developments through uneven terrain, point cloud feature labelling, shaded height maps, and toggleable feature layers to enable effective decision making.

  • Simple Interface
    • The map is the key element of the application with access to all tools provided through floating, draggable and closable dialog windows. Create the layout to suit your needs and working style.
  • Toolbar
    • The toolbars provide convenient access to all functions of the application in an intuitive manner.
  • Layer Control
    • Control the grouping of layers, display order, and link to related metadata. Layers can be switched on or off and the map legend can also be viewed
  • Viewers
    • Stream all survey products such as point clouds, video, orthophotos and inspection images through your browser and carry out basic measurement tasks such as distance, area and volume measurements
  • Download
    • Download the survey products for use in your preferred software; enabling you to take advantage of your preferred workflow

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