Why CIRRUSmaps™?

Why choose CIRRUSmaps™

CIRRUSmaps™ provides customers with the ability to turn their location based data into valuable business information, through a highly flexible and scalable web mapping solution.

  • Open Source: CIRRUSmaps™ combines the power and cost efficiencies of Open Source GIS, with value-add functionality commonly found in commercial off-the-shelf GIS products
  • Open Standards: CIRRUSmaps™ is built using open standards, ensuring support for a wide range of Internet Browsers and data formats
  • Industry Standards Compliant: CIRRUSmaps™ complies to Open Geospatial Consortium standards, the EU Inspire Directive and the UK GEMINI and ISO Metadata standards
  • Intuitive: The intuitive, easy to use interface enables users to access intelligent business information without the need for training
  • Format-Free: Integration with FME Server, an industry leading Spatial Data Transformation Platform, enables the delivery of spatial data in the right format at the right time, and meets the Discovery, View, Download and Coordinate Transformation services of the INSPIRE directive.


Atkins is one of the UK’s largest independent providers of geospatial services. We design and develop GI applications and software solutions to help our clients to make the most of their spatial data, and we enable our clients to realise the benefits of GIS through the provision of advice, support, management, and maintenance services.

Our Geospatial services encompass the entire data lifecycle. We capture data from satellite imagery and aerial photography, digitise information from existing maps and plans, and collect data in the field. We manage the data, conduct data processing and informed analysis, and map or model the data to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional visualisations.

Our accomplishments have been recognised by awards from the Association for Geographic Information, and by the Business Achievement IT Award, presented by the Environmental Business Journal in 2005.


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